Boiler Installation in Essex

Golden Plumbing and Heating Ltd. can assist you in finding the right option in the market. Boilers are found in the market in various models and with different capacities. But it s' better to take the help of a professional to make the right choice for your boiler installation.


boiler installation in Essex

Get yourself the right boiler before doing the boiler installation

Purchasing a new boiler is quite expensive. Moreover, a wrong purchase can affect you badly in the years to come.
When you go for purchasing a boiler in the market, you can find three types of boiler in the market:
Combi Boiler
System Boiler
Heat Only boiler

For properties with lesser space, Combi boiler is the best option, as here you don't require installing a Cold or Hot water tank which is required in System Boilers and Heat Only Boilers. On the other hand, System boilers are good for households with a higher demand of hot water, whereas if your property main source water pressure is really slow, Heat Only boiler can be your best choice.

So it is wiser to get expert advice before making the purchase. You can get a free consultation from one of the qualified engineers at Golden Plumbing and Heating Ltd. and make the right choice.

Get a Safe Boiler Installation with Golden Plumbing and Heating Ltd.

Our boiler installation process guarantees you a safe and efficient boiler for the coming years. As we help you to make the right choice of the boiler, we also ensure its installation to be hassle-free and flawless.. Our engineers are all gas safe registered, and they all religiously follow the gas safety guidelines. So, we make it certain that with our service, your safety will never be at stake.

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FAQ's Related Boiler Installation In Essex

Normally a boiler can give efficient service for 15 years. Anyways, with regular service,it can gain a longer lifespan of 20 years or even more. But with age, its efficiency level will deteriorate to a great extent.

Boiler age and issue severity mainly matter when you need to consider whether you should replace or repair a boiler.Normally if your boiler is less than 10 years old and the problem is almost nominal, you can opt for getting it repaired.But it can turn quiet a hard and expensive task to repair an old boiler as their spare parts can turn obsolete in the market.So,in such a case,Replacement is taken to be a better option.

Boiler Replacement takes good time and involves a lot of steps, whereas a registered gas engineer

1. Removes the old boiler

2. Powerflush the Heating System

3. Makes changes to the pipework and other accessories

4. Test Runs the System

Once they find its working fine,the system is handed over to the owner, who they clearly explains them how to operate the system and then completes the registration.

While opting for a boiler installation,you need to first and foremost clarify from your boiler installer about

the warranty of the boiler,you are getting installed
any guaranteed benefits, you can avail for the entire installation
if there are any other warranty benefits for the other parts
the kind of boiler, he installs the most and finds best as per his experience.

Installing a new boiler can hep you get a more sustainable and efficient heating service for the coming 15 years. And other than the standard air-forced heating system, boilers are found to be more energy efficient.

If you have any more queries related to Boiler Installation in Essex,give us call on 07940419973.