If you are a homeowner in Essex,London,it is obvious that you have a boiler at your place.And as for any other appliance you also need to get it serviced,repaired and also replaced .Boiler Installation is definitely an expensive affair,but there are times you need to go for it.

When to go for a New Boiler Installation ?

1.Your boiler has gone more than 30years.
2.You have to make frequent calls for your Boiler Repairs.
3.Your energy bill is soaring up.
4.You can get unusual noises from your boiler.
5,The efficiency level of your boiler is going down.

Boilers are expensive in the market,and over that boiler installation do cost dear.But theres' no point spending so high on the repair bills and energy bills for your boiler which is not performing right.In the long run,you might be spending more,getting inadequate heating,and also be not that gas safe.

Why to go for a New Boiler Installsation ?

New technology boilers are found to be more efficient than the old ones.The advantages you can enjoy are

1. Better Heating
2. Less Energy consumption
3. Acquiring Less Space in Installation
4. More Versatile Functionality
5. Function Quietly

Normally the longetivity of the boilers are around 30 years.But it all matters on

1 how you keep it maintained ?
2 what type of boiler it is ?
3.what size of boiler it is ?
4.what brand of boiler it is ?

Most boilers in the market come with a warranty period of 5 years which can go upto 10 or 12 years under certain conditions. If your boiler have crossed the warranty period,you can make up your mind for installing a new boiler.At times,the parts of the boiler go missing in the market which stops its repair process.Thats' when the consumer has no other option than to go for a New Boiler Installation.

However,whatever might be the reason,your Boiler Installation should be done accurately.A faulty boiler installation will not only make your boiler function inefficiently,bring high fuel bills and repair exprnses,it can also be fatal for you and your people.

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FAQ's Related Residential Boiler Installation In Essex

There are mainly three types of boiler used in the UK-Combi Boiler, the Heat only (Regular) Boiler, and System Boilers. Combi Boilers, traditionally known as Combination Boiler does both the job of heating and hot water supply as a single unit. A heat-only boiler( or a Regular Boiler) does the job of only heating with the help of its radiators and has got an airing hot water cylinder for hot water supply. System boilers can provide heating,just as Combi Boilers, and they also have a hot water cylinder. But unlike Regular boilers,these cylinders are not open-vented.

Depending on the complexity of the system, it depends on how long it might take to install a residential boiler. Usually, it takes up to a day, sometimes it might go up to two or even three days.

On an average,a Residential boiler can live up to 15 years.At times,your boiler might exceed that age and still provide you service.But, that way, most, of you will be missing out on the benefits of the upgraded technology.

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