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Why to go for Boiler Service ?

Boilers are one of the most important things in our home. And that, it is better understood when it stops working a certain day. Don't take the chance to make your day that miserable and cold. Better take the precautions beforehand and get your boiler serviced annually by a Gas-Safe Registered engineer.

Getting your boiler yearly serviced can bring you lots of benefits. However, the servicing should be done by a Gas Safe registered and qualified engineer. Most importantly, it gives you peace of mind that all your boiler parts are functioning accurately. Moreover, once your boiler gets properly serviced, it's found to perform better and consume less electricity.

Boiler Servicing, once delayed or ignored can affect its ongoing performance. The boiler tries to work harder, thereby consuming more electricity and making unusual noises. Overlooking this issue can cause more major problems and huge expenses. Better hire a gas safe registered engineer to take care of it.

Boiler Service

Steps we follow in Boiler Service

While we do Boiler Service, we make sure that

1. There are no water leakages in the system.

2. There is no error in the installation process.

3. The system is safe and working perfectly.

4. The electricity is working safely with no faulty wiring.

5. The gas pressure is not that high or low.

6. We clean the system properly for its safe functioning.

FAQ's Related Boiler Service In Essex

During a boiler service,a gas engineer visually checks the different parts of the boiler to ensure it’s all good. Leakages and corrosion is a common issue, you find in most the boilers. So they check theres’ no such damage in the pipes,seals and the boiler flue.Even the burner and the heat exchanger also get cleaned so that there is no dirt deposit on them, hampering their performance.

Ignorance can even get small issues to take big shape in the due course of time. Investing a small amount in regular boiler servicing can inspect those little or big flaws in your system, thereby helping you to take action beforehand and save you on your huge repair bills.

Be it any time of the year,boiler service should be conducted once annually.Mostly people prefer to keep a note of the date,they had their boiler installation and get them serviced on that day in the following years.However,it is wiser to get your boiler serviced during the time when the gas engineers have more vacant time, as it’s during summer.


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