Landlord Gas Safety Certificates in Essex

To avail a genuine Landlord Gas Safety Certificate in Essex,hire a gas safe registered engineer from a renowned company like Golden Plumbing & Heating Ltd.Our gas engineers are all well trained where we can do a thorough check of all the gas appliances in your rented property.

What is Landlord Gas Safety Certificate?

Being a landlord in UK, you need to be responsible for the gas safety of your tenants. So if your rented property has got gas appliances like a boiler, cooker, water heater, radiators, etc, it requires a Gas Safety Certificate. Now, this gas safety certificate can only be issued by a Gas Safe Registered engineer.

If you are found using any gas appliances in your rented property without a gas safety check, then it's a great offense. Moreover, to ensure that your gas appliances are all functioning absolutely fine without any flaws, these Landlord Gas Safety Checks should be carried out every year by a gas safe registered engineer. While doing the Safety Check, if the engineers inspect any minor or major defects in the gas appliances, they get that fixed, ensuring the complete safety of their tenants.

Landlord Gas Safety Certificates

Why to contact Golden Plumbing & Heating Ltd. ?

Golden Plumbing & Heating Ltd. have got its engineers, all gas safe registered. So they have got the authority to issue you a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate, which will follow all the legal norms and rules. While doing this Gas Safety inspection process, our engineers do a thorough check of all the gas appliances starting from the boilers, cookers, pipeworks to the chimney flue, etc. We ensure that the safety and effective functioning of the gas appliances in your rented property.

We can issue this certificate to any landlords, having or not having tenants, and also to any commercial institutions planning to lend out their property like real estate agents, housing associations, etc. Once we complete our process and issue the Landlord Gas Safety Certificate, we provide a copy of it to you as the landlord. If you have any tenants, you need to forward them another copy of it within the next 28 days of their arrival. Though the gas safety checks should be conducted annually, you should keep these records for at least 2 years.

FAQ's Related to Landlord Gas Safety Certificate in Essex

A landlord gas safety certificate is a record or documentation given by the gas engineers to the landlord to ensure that all the gas appliances in his rented property are safe. It’s a legal requirement for a landlord to avail this Gas Safety Documentation from a gas-safe registered engineer, after this gas safety check, once every year.

When you are using any gas appliances such as a boiler, oven, or cooker, you need to be sure it’s all working safe. And most importantly if you have them for your tenants.
For a Landlord Gas Safety Check, you need a gas safe registered engineer to inspect that all your gas appliances in your rented property are installed and maintained properly. Ignoring such gas safety checks can even cause dangerous explosions, fires, gas leaks, and poisonous carbon monoxide gas emissions, which can get you convicted for bleaching the tenancy gas safety rights.

Yes, there is a huge penalty involved for that. The penalty can go up to 6 months of imprisonment and can also be fined huge, on an average £6,000 or even more.In adverse situations,the landlord can also be charged with manslaughter,if his negligence with the gas safety check has lead to the death of a tenant.

 As a landlord, you need to be careful to maintain the safety of your rented property. However, there are certain tips, that you need to follow:

Keep the Records: Whatever gas safety checks, you have carried out for your rented property, you need to keep a record of it.
Also, you need to provide your tenants the latest gas safety check document, and also be certain about the date of the last gas safety check.

Never Ignore Any Issue: If your gas engineer has addressed about any issue with your gas appliances,take the neccessary steps soon. In a situation, where you come across anything in your gas safety certificate that you can not understand, take the help of that gas engineer, and get the gas appliances safe for your tenants.

Use A Gas detector: Gas leakages are one of the major issues that can cause mishaps in your rented property.So installing a Carbon Monoxide Gas detector can be a good precautionary measure to get your tenants safe from this dangerous,odouurless and colourless gas.

If you have any more queries related to Landlord Gas Safety Certificate in Essex,give us call on 07940419973.