Get the most reliable Gas Safety Certificate in Essex with Golden Plumbing & Heating Ltd.,where your gas appliances are thoroughly checked for their safe and proper functioning under the compliance of Gas Safety Certificate.Our gas engineers are fully authorized to scrutinize whether your gas appliances are working all safe and sound,and can also issue a Gas Safety Certificate..

Be it your office canteen, restaurant, cafe or just your home, gas appliances are found to be used everywhere. Whatever be the gas appliance you are using, starting from boilers, water heaters, to even cookers and friers, it plays a vital role in its everyday operation. Therefore we always want to get our gas appliances functioning effectively and smoothly. Any disruption or failure in their services can hamper the comfort of your daily life. Even a faulty Gas appliance or wrong installation of any gas appliance can bring explosions and huge mishaps. Gas appliances not serviced or repaired properly can even lead to Carbon monoxide emissions, which is very fatal.

Commercial & Domestic Gas Safety Certificate in East London & essex

What is Gas Safety Certificate and why is it important?

Gas Safety Certificate is is anyways a legal requirement by law, which helps us to keep our insurances valid. Renewal of Gas Safety Certificate every 12 months is mandated by the UK laws, for any commercial and residential premises. The records should be kept for at least 2 years.

With the increasing number of gas appliances in Uk and also the mishaps caused by faulty installations,Gas Safety Check or a Gas Safety Certificate is becoming more important day to day.But under the Uk Regulation Act ,this Gas Safety Check should be carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

Once your gas engineer performs a Gss Safety Check,the Gas Safety Certificate or a Gas Safety Record explains the following things:

1. Details of the appliance,that has been tested.

2. Outcome of the Gas Safety Check

4. Information on safety measures required to fix the gas safety issues.

5. The name,address and the registration number of the gas engineer doing the Gas Safety Check.

6. The date when the Gas Safety Check is done.

7. The address of the property where the Gas Safety Check has been performed.

8. Details of the person owning the gas appliances.

Poccessing a Gas Safety Certificate is mandate when you are renting out your property.It ensures the gas safey of the tenants,while they are in that rented premises.Landlords should give their tenants a copy of that Gas Safety Cerificate,which is valid for 1 year.However this gas safety is appliacable only for the gas appliances owned by the landlord. If you are a tenant or just a homeowner,you are not obliged to get a Gas Safety Certiificate for your gas appliances.But to ensure safety and security of your surrounding,you can definitely opt for a Gas Safety Check for your gas appliances.

So better be safe, get a Gas Safety Code from the government before running your gas appliances. Hire a professional from Golden Plumbing & heating Ltd.,contact us on 07940419973.

FAQ's Related Gas Safety Certificate In Essex

 Gas Safety Certificate is a legal document issued by a registered gas engineer after the gas safety check, which csn serve as a proof of evidence for you that all the gas appliances in your property are safe for usage.

A gas safety certificate expires after a year.So,as a landlord ,it is safe to arrange for the next gas safety check within the next 10-12 months.

Be it the safety of your people,tenants or even workers,as a homeowner,you are bound to get all your gas appliances checked by a registered gas engineer.Doing this will prevent mishaps happening from gas appliances like fire explosions and carbon monoxide gas poisioning.

If you have any more queries related to Gas Safety Certificate in Essex,give us call on 07940419973.