Are you a business or a residence ?

Doesn't matter ,whether its' a residence or a business,when its' cold oustside,we can not go without Boilers.So to maintain our comfort level in the places we work or stay,we need to install boilers.At Golden Plumbing & Heating Ltd., you can get experienced and registered gas engineeers to do the installation job for your residence as well as for your commercial premises.

Commercial Boiler Installation

When its your Commercial place,you are deeply concerned about the comfort and safety of your consumers and workers.And as we all are very well aware of the fizzy UK weather,its' vital to keep your work place warm with an effectively working boiler.

Now,commercial boiler installation is not that easy-to-do job.Your gas engineer should be thoroughly skilled and certified to do the installation job.Any small error in the installation process can,no doubt, hamper the efficiency of the heating system and the safety of the premises.

Where do you have your Commercial Boiler Working ?

That might be in
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Be it in anywhere of these above places,where you might have your commercial boiler working. But you will never want its reputation to go down because of your ineffective and unsafe heating system.Moreover,to keep in mind,Commercial Boilers or Industrial Boilers are not the same as the Residential counterparts.Individually or collectively,they can produce 150 kw power or more ,whereas a household boiler has the capacity to produce the power range of only 10kw to 40kw.

Commercial Boiler Installation would cost you more and will require more expertise than any other boiler installation.

So,never go for anyone to do your Commercial Boiler Installation,beeter ,hire a highly silled gas engineer from a reliable company like Golden Plumbing & Heating Ltd. to do the job.

Once your boiler gets installed properly ,you should also schedule it for yearly or half-yearly boiler maintenance with a gas safe registered engineer.As a new commercial boiler installation is quite exprensive,it is more important to have it functioning alright.

FAQ's Related Commercial Boiler Installation In Essex

Commercial Boilers are boilers that are used to provide heating and hot water supply to our non-domestic premises. Mainly its bigger size and output makes it different from residential boilers.

A Residential boiler is made to provide heat and hot water to an average-sized residence and can hardly have a capacity of 24KW-27KW, whereas an individual Commercial boiler is engineered to support the heating and hot water needs on large scale and should be at least of 30KW-!50Kw or even more.

The heating needs of your commercial building can determine the size of the boiler, it will use. However, to get the right size boiler, you first need to analyze the size of the building you are using for business and its amount of heat loss

If you have any more queries related to our Commercial Boiler Installation in Essex,give us call on 07940419973.