Not getting a comfortable room temperature during the winter ?

If there is nothing wrong with your boilers, it is most likely that you require to get your radiators replaced or repaired. At times, adding more radiators also serves the purpose. A radiator has got a very important role in the healing process and its importance is mostly understood during the cold reasons.

What is a Radiator ?

Radiators are mainly "heat exchangers".It has got a hot fluid within it, from where the heat gets transferred to room temperature, making it warm and comfortable. In the meantime, the outside cold air gets transmitted within it, making the radiator machines cold and function effectively.
Your radiator might be having a simple or complicated issue.

But for any reason, if it is not working fine, the comfort and warmth of your home will be hampered.

So, better not ignore it and make your living miserable. Hire a gas safe registered engineer to get it fixed or replaced.

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